Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keep writing?

I forgot that if you have a blog you probably have to keep writing in it. Maybe I should have thought this through a little bit more...hmm

This is like having a journal. Over the years I have purchased journals with the full intention of writing my thoughts, fears, worries, joys and whatever else comes to mind as a way to grow. It lasts for a few weeks or months. Then somehow the journals get burried in a pile of stuff that I am "going to get to". For all I know, those half written in journals have found their way into my kids hands. Oops - they may need therapy now.

The point that matters to me is that I have the willingness to keep trying. And when I keep trying, I feel good. Willingness and action - that's a winning combination. I will do my best to keep writing?!


  1. Laurie - Willingness & action - What a combination! Good for you. Kay

  2. I've NEVER been able to keep a paper journal, and I too have tried and tried. What is it about writing at the computer that seems to work for me? That I can't get mad at my handwriting? That I can type faster than I can write, and my typing almost keeps up with my thoughts? All I can tell you is that it works for me.

    I look forward to your next blog post!

  3. I have kept a paper journal for about six years and on. Mostly off I guess. Anyway all of you wonderful folks have inspired me to create my own blog which I attempted to do yesterday. Hunched over my computer, I worked with what little talent I have for technical things and I came up with a very basic concept for a blog. And now my fingers seem frozen on the computer keys, waiting for inspiration to hit. I know eventually I will relax and write something. Paper and pen feel more familiar, but I'm learning....always learning.